Destiny 2

A few of us play Destiny 2 nowadays - you can find the lulu?-Clan here: lulu?

A good chunk of Destiny 2 is Free2Play and you will be busy finding your way into the game due to te overwhelming amount of possibilities the game has to offer. After that you can buy a number of expansions:

On top of that there are season passes, that will enable additional content for the respective season. For players playing Destiny 2 on a regular basis the expansions and season passes are well worth their money.


  • Please do not use any overlays (Discord, Teamspeak, Xbox Game bar, GeForce Experience)
    Bungie is a bit whiny about it and a ban because of cheating is just around the corner.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection
    Nobody likes if you drop out of a match early but that is probably your least problem as Bungie is watching closely and you are endangering your account.

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