There are a few thins you should look out for when using the name "lulu?"...

...even though throughout the duration of the game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars people paid less and less regards to those, these were our original guidelines.

The name is "lulu?"

The name itself is lulu? - lower case letters only followed by a "?" - no tag, no "WG", just five characters.

Why is it like that?

Once upon a time there were a few people dropping in on the ET:QW servers and one day they decided to make up a team. Just after that there was the question: "And what should we be called?" and the first answer was "lulu?" and that is what stayed.

And why is it hte website is

All aesthetic domains with "lulu" in the first part were taken already. And since we felt like a little family we decided to "share a flat" - which is "Wohngemeinschaft" in German and a common abbreviation is "WG" - but still the name is lulu?


If colors are possible, the color for the logo is orange (#ff7f00) for "lulu" and purple (#7f7f00) for the "?".

The tag is "[?]"

In games showing the tag in square brackets, the tag is simply "?" so that it shows "[?]" in the end. In games were you can select the position of the tag, the tag belongs in front of the players name - no additional spaces.


If colors are possible, the colors are black (#000000) for the brackets and an accent color for the "?". The accent color of the players name and the tag are the same.

The player's name

There is no guidance about the players name.


If colors are possible, the player's name is generally black (#000000) and the second as well as the second last character is colored in an accent color. Player's names with less than five characters will only have the second character colored.The accent color of the players name and the tag are the same.